Amount of registrations in Germany

Amount of registrations – 2015


NX1600 Targa (488)


NX2000 Targa (489)


1.6 SR (Steel Roof) (496)

Here you can see the amount of registrations from the beginning of the 90s till today in Germany. This information needs to be requested at the Registration agency of Germany. Not registered cars are not included in the statistic.

As you can see in the chart the NX will vanish from german streets in the near future.

During the financial chrisis 2009 the german government decided to hand out 2500$ to everyone who gives away his car which is at least 9 year old. Due to that the count of NX in Germany went down rapidly.

Meanwhile we have got about 2000 registrated NX in total in Germany (2014, still waiting on the numbers of the agency).

Our Nissan is a really seldom car meanwhile. Take care of him!