General information about the NX-Mania

The 100NX Club held every year on the last weekend of August, a meeting to which all 100NX driver are welcome. It does not matter whether the NX in their original condition, in tuned condition or under construction (construction site) – we are happy about every other new 100NX driver we welcome you in our ranks.

To provide for all the members / participants of the meeting nearly equal arrival paths, the meeting takes place centrally in the German state of Thuringia.

Following more details on the meeting and to register.

Time and location


  • Every year on the last full weekend of August
  • In all weathers
  • 2014 from August 29 to 31


  • Airfield AlkerslebenAm flugplatz, 10, 99310 OsthausenWülfershausen / Thuringia
  • GPS Coordinates: 50.84515N, 11.078551 O
    To get to the meeting area (main building) use second driveway
Schedule and highlights


The course of the meeting is not necessarily predetermined. Depending on weather and interest of meeting guests different program points can be performed.

  • Friday: Check in,build tents and marvel cozy get-together, talk shop, shopping, Vehicles
  • Saturday: Breakfast together, talk shop about cars, NX rating with trophies, joint excursions, group picture (possibly even single shots), Shopping, case of interest, 1/4 mile on the runway
  • Sunday: Breakfast together, shared dismantling of tents

Local conditions

  • Overnight stay in your own tent (enough space is available), or alternatively in the car
  • Place in the main building are sänitäre facilities such as toilet and shower available
  • Meals must be taken care of itself. Nearest city with shopping is Arnstadt
  • Not far from the parked cars a pavilion is situated with a fireplace. Here can be grilled. Crickets between the cars is not permitted.

Weekend Fri – Sun

  • 100NX Club members: 20 euros including tent / car each additional passenger 10 EUR
  • No 100NX Club Member: 25 incl tent / car each additional passenger 15 EUR

Day visitors:

  • 5 euro per person including car


  •      Cup award for vehicle reviews and other ratings including through the audience
  •      Award of the meeting sticker
  •      Keychain Edition (needs a mandatory pre-order at the email address – Name / Nick / number until 03/08/2014 (prices are € 8.90)