With your contribution you support the 100NX Club Germany active in financing of meetings, the obtaining of the website and the care of the 100NX forum where you will get the same full access and possible questions get answered for 100NX.


You have the possibility of presenting your 100NX on our website and let him marvel world. Sent to us images are processed as possible before publication Best to move your Nissan in the right light.

(Driver-) Contacts

You can make what are you on receipt of your 100NX with advice and act to the side contacts with like-minded people. In addition to saving repair costs or expensive spare parts, might also yields a new acquaintance.


You are part of a community, which is interested in the increasingly rare 100NX, this receives, but also the personal contact with each other very much appreciated.

Support the 100NX-Club Germany and become an active supporter.

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